Fabien the Spellslinger

A rambunctious wizard and the former captain of the Terror


Always the braggart, it didn’t surprised the student body of Fabien’s university when he vanished. For years, the professors would agree that the boy was not cut out to be a royal mage, even if his bloodline suggested otherwise. He would constantly complain that the education system was backwards, and that wizards should use their magic for so much more. There was nothing that steamed the lad’s temper more than mentioning his family’s legacy. He refused to admit that his bloodline had an impact on his status, even though the university would have kicked him out years ago if not for the Darkfeather family’s vast wealth.

What did surprise the Magic Guild was Fabien’s next ostentatious action, blowing up a fishing boat. Eight years after the young noble fled the dormitories, he was the captain of a pirate fleet, harassing coastal cities with fireballs and wind storms. Bounties were posted, navies were deployed, and yet no one could stop the now infamous pirate, Fabien the Spellslinger. Attacks were very dispersed, oftentimes years apart, and yet the seafaring wizard always managed to pillage enough when he did emerge.

Forty years after that first dazzling act swept the nation, Fabien’s flagship, The Terror was attacked. Every pirate onboard was slain or captured minus a few, including the now-elderly captain. The small party made off with a small chest containing a golden staff and a decrepit book. To generate funds for each member, the ancient staff was sold for 50,000 gold. Fabien kept the book for himself, and went into hiding.

Fabien the Spellslinger