King Victor


Reigning from 359 until present (364)

The second son of King Pierce the Mason (Reigned from 340-351 After Lich), King Victor began his reign in 359 after he seized power from his older brother, King Clayon the Sick.

The Reign of Clayon the Sick

Clayon was only thirteen when his father was killed in combat with the Ishids and he took power. His father’s dying wish was to end the campaign on the Ishids, for its cost had already outweighed any benefits. Instead, Clayon sent every city guard against the Greenskins, beginning the Year of Fear. Although this campaign was successful, the death rate was catastrophic, with over 40% of Ulys’ military killed.

Clayon’s skeptics were put to death, much to his mother and Victor’s dismay. The Depraved King did not even change the members of his court, believing instead that “Any man could be shaped by fear”. Little did he know, most of his own family, court, and army was secretly plotting against him. When Victor heard that the army was mobilizing to seize power, he knew it was time to act. With the court on his side, he challenged Clayon to an honorable duel to the death.

The Reign of Peace

Victor won, and was crowned King of Ulys. He promptly wedded the beautiful Queen Aria, and, at his marriage ceremony, promised a reign of peace and prosperity. For years following the wedding, rumors flowed through the empire of the new king. Some say he cheated in the duel. Others say he has the same disease as his brother. Victor’s eccentric behaviors, especially how rarely he is seen in court, has not helped this image. King Victor has corrected some of his brother’s wrongs, including stopping the War with the Greenskins (Although he has had trouble stopping some lords from hunting the natives as sport).

One of victor’s strangest traits is his forgiveness. He has pardoned more criminals and disloyal barons than any other king. It is said he has a giant list of every wrongdoer in his chambers, and will make sure each one repays their debt.

Victor distrusts the military, believing that they would have taken power away from the royal family. He still holds more authority within his kingdom than the Dwarven Emperor or High Elf Council do in theirs. Many have titled him Victor the Shrewd, believing the king’s greatest test has yet to appear.

King Victor